On which stock exchanges are Cable & Wireless Communications Plc’s shares listed?

Cable & Wireless Communications Plc’s (“CWC”) ordinary shares of 5 cents each are listed on the London Stock Exchange and traded under the symbol CWC.

How do I buy or sell CWC shares?

You cannot buy share direct from CWC. Most high street banks and some building societies have facilities for buying and selling shares, or you can contact a stockbroker. Details of all brokers offering share-dealing services can be obtained from the London Stock Exchange. Please telephone the LSE on +44 (0)20 7797 1000 or visit their website (www.londonstockexchange.com) for further information.

Nothing in this document should be taken as a recommendation to buy or sell shares in CWC. Shares can fall as well as rise in price.

How do I transfer my shares in CWC to another person?

You will need to complete a stock transfer form and forward the form (duly stamped if necessary) together with share certificates for the relevant number of share to our Registrars. For further information and to obtain a stock transfer form, please contact the Registrars on 0371 384 2104 (or +44 121 415 7047 if phoning from overseas) or visit their website (www.shareview.co.uk)

You should be aware that shares transferred for cash consideration over £1,000 incur stamp duty (currently 0.5% of the consideration). Further information on the amount of duty payable and where to send the form for stamping can be obtained from your local Inland Revenue office.

What is the issued share capital of CWC?

The issued share capital of CWC on entry to the London Stock Exchange on 22 March 2010 was US$133,280,586.35, which equated to 2,665,611,727 ordinary shares of 5 cents each.

The issued share capital of CWC is currently US$223,797,680.80, which equates to 4,475,953,616 ordinary shares of 5 cents each.

CWC will announce its Total Voting Rights to the market on the first working day of each month. Should you require updated information in the meantime, please contact the Company Secretary on 020 7315 4000.

For Capital Gains Tax purposes, can you tell me the base cost of CWC shares as at demerger (26 March 2010)?

The base cost of the Cable and Wireless plc shares you held immediately prior to demerger will be apportioned between the new CWC and Cable & Wireless Worldwide plc shares. As soon as the apportionment has been approved we will post details on our website and we will also include the information in the Annual Report and Accounts or Annual Review which will be posted to shareholders in June.


Who are CWC’s Registrars and how do I contact them?

Cable & Wireless Communications Plc has appointed Equiniti Limited to maintain its share register. Contact details for Equiniti can be found on the Registrar section of Investor Relations.

You should contact the Registrars with any queries you have on your account including (but not restricted to) any of the following:

  • Change of name or address
  • Death of shareholder
  • Loss of share certificate
  • Loss of dividend warrant or tax voucher
  • Unclaimed dividends
  • Change of dividend mandate
  • Dividend reinvestment plan

I have two (or more) CWC share accounts with slightly different names/addresses, so I receive two (or more) sets of shareholder mailings. Can I amalgamate these accounts?

For security reasons, the Registrars will not amalgamate the accounts without your written consent. Therefore, if you would like any or all of your accounts combined, please write to the Registrars requesting their amalgamation, giving full details of all the accounts and stating how you would like the details of the new combined account to appear.


When will I receive my dividend from CWC?

Details of the amounts and timing of any dividend payments are announced in the full-year and half-year results press releases.

Can my dividends be paid direct into my bank account?

Yes. This method of payment has a number of advantages: dividends are paid direct into your nominated bank account, and cleared funds are provided on the payment date. Please contact Equiniti for a dividend mandate form. If you elect to have your dividends paid in this way you should note that you will only receive one tax voucher annually. This will be sent to your registered address in March each year.

Can my dividends be paid to me as additional shares?

CWC intends to offer a dividend reinvestment plan to its shareholders. A brochure and mandate forms are available to download. Should you have any questions, please contact Equiniti.



When and where is the next AGM?

The Notice of Meeting will be posted to shareholders and published on our website in June.

Can I receive shareholder correspondence via email rather than by post?

CWC offers shareholder the opportunity to receive certain shareholder information, including Annual Reports, Notice of Annual General Meetings and Forms of Proxy, in electronic format. The advantages of this include:

  • Speedier delivery of documents
  • Significant cost saving to the Company on delivery of documents
  • Saving on environmental resources
  • Confirmation of receipt of proxy appointments

To receive shareholder information in electronic format you will need to register with the Registrar’s online services (www.shareview.co.uk) which is a secure online service enabling shareholders to set up and view personal shareholding details. To register, you will initially need your shareholder reference number which can be found on correspondence received from the Registrars. Should you have any further questions on this services, please contact Equiniti on 0371 384 2104.

Shareholders who wish to continue receiving shareholder information in traditional printed form will continue to do so and no further action is required of them.


Will CWC publish an Interim Report and send it to shareholders?

CWC does not intend to publish interim reports for distribution to shareholder. The half-year results press release will be published on the Investor Relations section of our website.

When will the next Annual Report be published?

The Annual Report and Accounts, or the summary Annual Review, for the year ended 31 March will be forwarded to shareholders and made available from the Financial Data section of Investor Relations in June.